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Thu 25 Jan 2024

Adult Panto - Beauty And The Big Beast

The Adult Panto: Beauty and the Big Beast! Celebrating 20 years on the road, the Market Theatre Company are here to corrupt another classic fairy tale beyond recognition. Can the fearless company of just 3 actors hold it all together and pull off their very own adult version of Beauty and the Beast using a minimum of set props and costume? Get ready for another evening of slick, fast-moving, farcical fun and bawdy sexual innuendo for adults only. Not suitable for under 16’s.

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£24 - £28

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Thu 25 Jan 2024



Wyvern Theatre



It’s fast, furious and very funny…

- Choice Radio, Worcester (on Hansel & Gretel Go Down in the Woods)

Some of the sketches are worthy of The Two Ronnies with their extensive wordplay, faultlessly delivered

- Choice Radio, Worcester (on Peter Panties)
Thu 25 Jan 2024
£24 - £28 per ticket