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Sun 12 Jan 2025

Milton Jones

This is not a musical. Milton Jones is tone deaf and has no sense of rhythm, but at least he doesn’t make a song and dance about it. He has more important things to discuss. Like giraffes…and there’s a bit about tomatoes. You might know him from Mock the Week, Live at the Apollo or Radio 4. Or that time he stood for the Scottish National Party, fought a hard campaign, but in the end had to respect the wishes of the people of Cardiff. A whole new show of daftness. You know it makes sense. WARNING *contains jokes from the start.

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Sun 12 Jan 2025



Cliffs Pavilion



He’s fast, absurd and very funny

- Radio Times

No-one can touch Jones when he hits his stride

- The Guardian
Sun 12 Jan 2025
£38 per ticket