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Wed 13 - Sat 16 Nov 2024

'Allo 'Allo 2: The Camembert Caper

East Essex Players present this sequel to the original stage play they performed over 20 years ago Based on the hugely popular tv series written by Jeremy Lloyd and David Croft with 1980`s humour abounding `Allo `Allo 2 adapted by David Pibworth, David Lovesy and Steve Clark is once more set in German occupied France during WW2; nothing much has changed, Rene and Edith are still trying to repatriate a pair of English airmen, but nothing is ever easy. Rene`s elderly mother – in Law Fanny, objects to the radio which is used to communicate with London, being located under her bed; Gruber still wants to take Rene` for a ride in his little tank, and a set of forged bank notes and a bomb end up hidden in identical cheeses - what could possibly go wrong?? Well possibly the fact they are being “helped “by officer Crabtree an English agent disguised as a policeman, who although he thinks he speaks perfect French, no one can understand. Add Herr Flick from the local Gestapo into this chaos and anything can happen, Join with us and find out if those pesky airman ever get repatriated.

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£16.50 - £17.50

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Wed 13 - Sat 16 Nov 2024

7.30pm, 2.30pm


Palace Theatre Dixon Studio


Wed 13 - Sat 16 Nov 2024
£16.50 - £17.50 per ticket