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Sun 28 Jul 2024

Dartford Music Festival - The Knights of Nevada

Knights of Nevada are a local London/Kent based ROCK band!  

A five piece band, including CRASH KNIGHT on Drums, MIAMI KNIGHT on guitar, PEDRO KNIGHT on bass, ROCCO KNIGHT on vocals and MR KNIGHT on keys.   

In the vast, echoing deserts, a legend whispers through the dry, sunbaked winds. They are the Knights of Nevada—a rock 'n' roll cover band shrouded in mystery and known for their electrifying performances. Little is known about the enigmatic musicians behind the band, but their reputation for delivering unforgettable shows is indisputable. 

From the first chord struck to the final note, their music captivated the audience, transporting them through the eras of Rock. Their renditions of classics by Lenny Kravitz, Aerosmith and the Foo Fighters were so authentic and powerful that it felt as if the original legends had been resurrected on stage. 

Each performance by the Knights of Nevada is an experience to be remembered. Fans who have witnessed their performances speak of a transcendent experience. The Knights have a way of connecting with their audience, creating a shared space where time stands still, and the music takes over. Their setlists are ever-changing, featuring deep cuts by the likes of The Killers, Blink-182 ND The Darkness, alongside the biggest hits from classic bands such as Steppenwolf, The Animals and Thin Lizzy, ensuring that each show is unique and unpredictable. 

The Knights of Nevada are not just a cover band; they are torchbearers of rock 'n' roll's legacy. In an age where music often feels commodified, they remind us of its raw, unfiltered power. They are the keepers of the flame, the wandering bards of the desert, and every show they play is a testament to the timeless spirit of rock. 

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Sun 28 Jul 2024



Orchard West


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Sun 28 Jul 2024
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