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Sat 13 Apr 2024

Post Office Scandal

This is the true story of how hundreds of innocent people fought to clear their names against the Post Office’s refusal to accept responsibility for its failings. Proud pillars of their communities were stripped of their jobs and livelihoods. Many were forced into bankruptcy and or borrowed from friends and family to give the Post Office thousands they did not owe. The really unlucky ones were sent to prison. Currently being adapted into a primetime ITV drama starring Toby Jones, this jaw-dropping, unique and gripping story is now the subject of a compelling stage show.

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Sat 13 Apr 2024



Lyceum Theatre Lyceum Theatre Crewe



An extraordinary journalistic expose of a huge miscarriage of justice

- Ian Hislop, Editor, Private Eye
Sat 13 Apr 2024
£23 per ticket