About Us

Our History

1911: George V is crowned King of England, the Mona Lisa is stolen from the louvre and, most significantly of all, the Crewe Lyceum as we know it, officially opened its doors! After a blaze gutted the original 1852 building a few years prior, prominent architect Alfred Darbyshire designed the theatre that we all know, love, and sit in, today.

Over 110 years later and the Crewe Lyceum has established itself as Cheshire's leading live entertainment venues, and has housed a number of international stars including; Charlie Chaplin, Colin Firth, and Stan Laurel.

Our eclectic programme features a wide array of top-quality musicals, drama, comedy, dance, family shows, one-night events, in addition to a world-class pantomime every holiday season (oh yes, it does!).

The Crewe Lyceum is proud to put it's community centre stage. We regular work with young people through our youth theatre classes, young ambassadors and summer youth project schemes, and partner with local business with our corporate opportunities and venue hire. In addition, we bring local people together as part of our inclusive, and engaging, volunteering programme.

Impress your friends with our fascinating facts

  • The rake on the stage is 1:18 making it one of the most sloped stages in the country.

  •  The stage floor was reinforced in the 50s after an elephant almost fell through the floor into the cellar!

  • One performance in 1951 lasted a staggering 134 hours!

Careers with the Crewe Lyceum

Our outstanding team work together across a number of departments and specialisms, from customer-facing roles in the Front of House and Sales teams, to Hospitality, Marketing and Technical staff.

If you think you would enjoy the challenge of working in our fast-paced, customer-focused, award-winning venue take a look at the current vacancies or find out more about volunteering with us. 

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