Open to Everyone


Our house is open... to everyone! The Beck Theatre is proud to offer captioned, audio-described, and relaxed performances on selected productions.

Requesting Access Tickets

When our Box Office is closed you can request access tickets using our online form. 


Car Park

The theatre has a free car park which is owned by the local council and is free of charge. It has specific spaces for 13 blue badge holders for 4 brown badge holders.


Access to the theatre foyer is either via a ramp to the right of the main entrance and through a set of automated doors or up a set of steps. The foyer and outside patio area have level, step-free access throughout. Snacks and refreshments are available from our bar. If you have any allergies, please let a member of the hospitality team know so we can cater for you accordingly. 


The toilets can be found in the foyer. There are mens, womens and an accessible toilet. In all of these toilets is a baby change area. In the accessible toilet, there are handrails, easy turn taps and locks, and also an Emergency Pull Cord


Most of the seating within the auditorium is of the traditional raked amphitheatre style, which handrails at the end of each row.  Rows A, B, C and D are on the ground floor, and the seats start tiering from row E, with 2 steps separating each row. There is no lift to the upper part of our auditoirum.

Pre-performance tours of the stage and set for patrons with visual impairments can be organised for individuals or small groups. Please contact us in advance to arrange a mutually convenient time.


The Beck is licensed for up to 8 wheelchair users per performance (4 each side of 2 rows). Adjacent to these are ramped emergency exits. Additional seats are provided next to these for companions. The wheelchair spaces can only be booked via our Box Office team on 0343 310 0044. If you will be using a large motorised wheelchair, please let the Box Office team know when booking.

We regret that it is not always possible to accommodate wheelchair users if they haven't pre-booked a wheelchair space in advance. We are also unable to offer wheelchair transfers, as this is in breach of our theatre license. If you will be using a motorised wheelchair, please find a member of the team on your arrival so we can store this for you.

Walking Aids

Walking aids, including walking sticks as crutches can be brought into the theatre, but they cannot remain in the theatre unless they can be safely stored under your seat. We’re unable to store walking aids in the aisles of the theatre, but we can instead store them elsewhere in the theatre, so please plan for this accordingly. 

Familiarisation Visits

We can offer a Familiarisation Visit for anyone who would like one prior to the performance. These are designed to enable you to familiarise you with your surroundings. If you would like to arrange a visit, please  and we’ll do our best to organise one for a mutually convenient time.

Relaxed Performances

For our Relaxed Performances, the experience is slightly different to a typical performance:

  • House Lights – these are kept up so that there’s more light in the auditorium

  • Open Door Policy – everyone is welcome to come in and out of the theatre whenever they please

  • Chill Out Space – we set up a room which anyone is welcome to go to where it’s quiet to get away from the show. We also set up a live feed on a screen of what’s going on on the stage.

  • Show Adaptions – we change some of the technical aspects of the show slightly to that there is nothing that would startle, such as pyrotechnics, loud noises or strobe lighting. We also don’t have any of the actors running through the auditorium, but there is still audience interaction and involvement.

  • Venue Adaptions – we do what we can round the venue to make everyone’s experience more enjoyable, such as turning the hand dryers in the toilets off and handing out earplugs.

  • Familiarisation Visits – we’re able to offer Familiarisation visits for those who would like one. This is for someone to see what the building will be like and so they have more of an idea of what to expect. We’re also able to do Touch Tours as part of this as well if anyone in the party has a visual impairment.

  • Access Guide – we will put together an access guide specifically for the performance which will be made available to everyone who would like one before the show. 

 We offer a Relaxed Performance for our Christmas Pantomime, which will usually be a matinee performance on a weekday. 

Relaxed Film Screenings

Our autism-friendly relaxed screenings provide some of the latest film releases in an environment that is tailored for those with learning difficulties, sensory communication disorders or who are on the autistic spectrum.   Throughout the screenings, the volume will be lowered and the house lights up. Seating will be allocated but once in the auditorium, you have the freedom to move around and can also head out to our chill out space. We encourage everyone to express how they are feeling during the film, through talking, moving, singing, dancing or other means.   We will have an access guide available for anyone who would like one prior to the film. Afterwards, you will receive a little memento so you can remember your film experience and will be invited to join us in the foyer after the screening to say hello and talk about the film.

Touch Tours

A Touch Tour is designed for those who are visually impaired or have a sensory processing disorder and is a way for them to explore the environment that the show is taking place in prior to the performance. We would take those who wish to attend onto the stage and would allow them to navigate the space and to touch key costumes and props so they can have a better understanding of what will happen during the show, and it will help them visualise the show and the story better.   To find out which performances have a Touch Tour option available, please have a look at our brochure, website, or give us a call.   If we don’t offer a Touch Tour for a performance that you’re attending and you would like one, please  with us and we’ll try to arrange one in accordance with the visiting company.

Dementia Friendly Screenings

Our Dementia Friendly Screenings different slightly from a regular cinema performance in that:

  • House Lights - we’ll keep the lights up slightly so the auditorium is lighter in case anyone needs to leave and come back in, and the atmosphere will be a lot more relaxed

  • Unreserved Seating – all seats will unreserved (except for the wheelchair spaces) so your group can go to the spot that will work best for them on the day

  • Socialising Opportunity - The ticket price includes free tea and biscuits at the end of the film so that the group can have an opportunity to discuss with the other audience members what they thought of the film.

  • Momento - Each person who attends will also be given a postcard with an image and quote from the film to act as a momento of the day.

We’ll chose films that we think are appropriate, but if you have a suggestion for our Dementia Friendly Screenings, please get in touch with the .

Hearing Assistance

The Box Office and the auditorium has an Induction Loop System. You can use this facility by turning your hearing aid or loop listening to aid to the ‘T’ setting. You’ll then need to adjust the volume in the usual way. For those that intend to use the system we would suggest being seated in Row D for best range of the system.

Signed Performances

The Beck offers a Signed Performance for the Christmas Pantomime, which will usually be a matinee performance on a weekday. The interpreter will stand to one side of the stage and interpret the show. If a visiting company is offering a signed performance, the details of this will be on our website or in the brochure.

Captioned and Audio Described Performances

Some performances offer Captioned or Audio Described Performances. If this is the case, the relevant information will be in the brochure or on our website.

Assistance Dogs

If you are attending with a Hearing, Guide or Anxiety Dog then please advise the Box Office so that seating with suitable access can be arranged.  Please let us know in advance if you have any specific requirements so that staff may be prepared for your visit.

Special Effects

Some performances may include the following; strobe lighting, pyrotechnic explosives, loud noises, haze or smoke effects. If you are concerned about any of these, please give the Box Office a call on 0343 310 0044 or .

Please be aware that the information offered is in good faith, but creative elements may not have been finalised at the time of briefing and may change on the day of the performance. The front of house team will have advisory signs on the doors of the theatre if they feature during the performance.

Medical Requirements

We welcome audiences that may require medicine, food, drink or equipment to manage a medical condition. There is always a trained First Aider on site, so if you require one, please alert the nearest member of the team.

Braille and Large Print

We have braille and large print copies of our brochure if you would require one. Please call the Box Office or  to request a copy. 

Essential Companion Tickets

We are able to offer complimentary tickets to Essential Companions for those who require them. In order to do this, we will need to see either a copy of your Disability Living Allowance (DLA), Personal Independence Payment (PIP), Attendance Allowance or a Visual Impairment Certificate at the time of booking. To organise these, please contact the Box Office team by calling 0343 310 0044 or  us.


We’d welcome any feedback or suggestions that you have on how we can improve our accessibility. You can  us or leave us a review on Euan’s Guide.