Swindon Music Festival


The Swindon Music Festival committee is pleased to announce that the 2024 Festival will go ahead from 15 March at Christ Church & from 16-23 March at Swindon Arts Centre.

PROVISIONAL TIMETABLE (subject to change)

  • Saturday 16 – Guitar, Harp, Strings, Brass, Junior Vocal, Adult Vocal

  • Tuesday 19 – Woodwind, Recorder, Junior Piano, Strings, Junior Piano, Electronic Keyboard, Adult Piano

  • Wednesday 20 – Junior Piano, Beatrice Plaum Challenge Cup (Piano), Instrumental Championship

  • Friday 22 – Junior & Senior Vocal, Junior Vocal Championship

  • Saturday 23 – Senior Vocal, Senior Vocal Championship, Supreme Championship

If you have any queries please contact the Secretary, Yvonne Walker, on 07710 243302 or find out more here: https://www.swindonmusicfestival.co.uk/