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Fri 10 May 2024

Swindon Festival Of Literature - Felice Hardy

FELICE HARDY – on a story of resilience, survival, and success At the age of twenty-seven, Liesl Herbst was the Austrian National Tennis Champion, a celebrity in Vienna in the 1930s. But then, she and her family had to escape the Nazis. They came to Britain, where, though initially rendered stateless aliens, Liesl was able to qualify for Wimbledon, on the way defeating Tim Henman’s grandmother. In due course, she and her daughter Dorli went on to play in the grass court championships and remain the only mother and daughter ever to have played doubles together at Wimbledon. Here is an illustrated and moving story of escape, survival, and success, which does not forget the fate of those left behind. Felice Hardy, raised in an emotionally-ravaged family suffering from survivors’ guilt, is a journalist who has worked at Vogue, written for The Guardian, and The Telegraph, is co-author of numerous travel guidebooks, and has now written The Tennis Champion Who Escaped the Nazis.

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Fri 10 May 2024



The Arts Centre


Fri 10 May 2024
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