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Thu 9 May 2024

Swindon Festival Of Literature - Elizabeth Oldfield

ELIZABETH OLDFIELD – on tending the soul in turbulent times Most of us know that life is a tricky business. So what does it mean to be ‘fully alive’? By what means can we to try to live a good, whole, and fulfilling life? How can we focus on what really matters rather than be tempted and distracted by trivialities? What is trivial and what is not? How can we calm down and depolarise in a culture of outrage, tribalism, and division? What kind of people do we need to be in these troubled and turbulent times? What kind of world are we leaving for the next generations? In her latest book, Fully Alive, author, broadcaster on BBC1 and Radios 4 & 5, and writer in national broadsheets, Elizabeth Oldfield addresses key questions facing us in our notionally-ordinary lives, offering practical and meaningful ideas to help us build inner strength, achieve greater fulfilment, and maybe even, build a better future. This event is taking place at Lower Shaw Farm, West Swindon, SN5 5PJ

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Thu 9 May 2024



Lower Shaw Farm


Thu 9 May 2024
£7 - £8 per ticket