John Hegley: An American In Luton hero
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Thu 4 Jul 2024

John Hegley: An American In Luton

The tall and unannounced Maine man appears in a seemingly ordinary 1960's English living room. He is the high chaperone and bringer of a grandmother who has not seen her stamp-collecting son for decades; her grandchildren, never. His reuniting job done, this curious visitor hands the children each a ten-dollar bill says his goodbyes and is gone - off up the suburban street, into the evening and perhaps a hotel in the town centre on his horse. (A hobby horse, in fact, given him by one of the children) Festival and radio regular John Hegley returns with a story of family, fantasy, love, loss - and the long unseen son's stamp album. A Caravaggio and a wry dry stone-waller are also thrown into the mixture. The show contains a good deal of yet-to-be-published material alongside some back catalogue favourites. Devised for adults but not unsuitable for the odd nine-year-old. Drawings will be provided. But not biscuits.

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Thu 4 Jul 2024



The Arts Centre


Thu 4 Jul 2024
£15 per ticket