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Sat 6 Apr 2024

Swindon Recital Series

Sarah Markham – saxophone

Paul Turner – piano

Saturday 6th April 2024

Arts Centre 7:30 pm


Step into the world of Paris in the 1930s…

“Imagine a street in Montparnasse, Paris. Marcel Mule, the French saxophonist, is sat at a table with his close friend and composer Paule Maurice and her husband Pierre Lantier. They drink coffee and reminisce about their trips to Provence, which would become the inspiration for Tableaux de Provence. Across the café they spot Claude Delvincourt, who later invited Marcel to re-start the saxophone class when he became the director of the Paris Conservatoire.”

Return to the vibrant café culture of 1930s Paris, a time and place where music, art, and intellectual pursuits intertwine to create an enchanting atmosphere; a world of creative expression.

Welcome to this concert of music for saxophone and piano featuring works by influential composers of the period, including Darius Milhaud, Jacques Ibert, Claude Delvincourt and Paule Maurice. We also delve into works, both formal and informal, that artists would have heard at the time. The sounds of jazz, French chanson, tango, and classical music mingled, creating a harmonious backdrop to lively conversations and spirited debates.

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Sat 6 Apr 2024



The Arts Centre

Sat 6 Apr 2024
£3 - £17.50 per ticket