Josh Berry: Sexual Politics hero
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Sat 17 Feb 2024

Josh Berry: Sexual Politics

THIS EVENT HAS BEEN RESCHEDULED FROM OCTOBER 2023 Fresh off the back of a sell-out debut tour, Josh Berry returns with a new stand up show. Throughout history, not enough people of Josh Berry’s race, gender, and sexuality have discussed sex and politics, and he intends to set that record straight with a show imaginatively named ‘Sexual Politics’. With Liz Truss folding in on herself like a dildo in a furnace, the rise of pegging, the rise and fall of Andrew Tate, icks, red flags, masculinity, Matt Hancock eating Kangaroo anuses to advance his career raise awareness for dyslexia, much has happened in sexual and political domains in the last year and Josh Berry intends to examine it. Expect a plethora of characters as well as some deep introspection as Berry delves into his own political identity, shame, and sexual repression. Age guidance: 15+

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Sat 17 Feb 2024



Palace Theatre Dixon Studio



Josh Berry? Fair play man, fair play

- James Acaster
Sat 17 Feb 2024
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