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Sun 14 Apr 2024

Dominic Frisby Curious Songs 2024

An experienced stand up and prolific writer of comic songs, Dominic's new show is a collection of anecdotes, jokes and music accompanied by one of Europe’s top jazz pianists, Chad Lelong, on keyboards. Dominic's Brexit song, "17 Million F**k Offs" reached no 40 in the UK Official Singles Chart and no 17 in the iTunes chart and he has in excess of 3 million views of this and other of his songs on Youtube and social media. A prominent libertarian, his take on modern Britain and the issues it faces is both refreshing and funny. As he says himself, “If you believe in things like free speech and free trade, you’ll like this. If you think the government, BBC or EU has all the answers, you won’t.” Rumour has it he is Nigel Farage's favourite comic but that might just be because he wrote a love song to him". Not suitable for statists, crony capitalists or the metropolitan liberal elite.

Age restriction: 16+

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Sun 14 Apr 2024



Palace Theatre Dixon Studio




- The Times

Beautifully crafted, cleverly pitched comedy

- The Scotsman
Sun 14 Apr 2024
£17.50 per ticket