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Thu 12 Dec 2024

"The Curse of Christmas" Murder Mystery Dinner

Feel the festive magic in the air as the Evergreen family gathers for their annual Christmas feast! Amidst the warmth of home and hearth, an unexpected surprise awaits, shrouded in mystery and enchantment - a captivating treasure from the Far East emerges - The Fortune Telling Fish! As crackers snap and wine glasses clink in celebration, one lucky guest receives 'The Red Herring,' unlocking the secrets of Christmas past. But beware, for with this tiny token comes the Curse of Christmas, a riddle begging to be unravelled. Who holds the key? How will they unlock its secrets? And why does this whimsical fish hold such power?

Join us for an unforgettable Yule tide adventure, where every twist and turn leads closer to the heart of the mystery. Will you crack the code before the last mince pie disappears from the plate, or will this festive feast become a tantalising tale for the ages? Prepare to be spellbound as the holiday spirit weaves its magic, and the secrets of Christmas unfold before your very eyes!

Get ready to channel your inner detective as you unravel a web of money, jealousy, and high-stakes drama. YOU are the Detective... Can you catch the killer?

Includes a Three-Course Christmas Menu and sparkling welcome drink.

Age 18+

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Thu 12 Dec 2024



The Orchard Theatre The Orchard Theatre Restaurant


Thu 12 Dec 2024
£55 per ticket