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Tue 25 Mar 2025

How To Fail Live With Elizabeth Day

For the first time EVER, your favourite podcast is going on a nationwide tour. Get your tickets now for How to Fail LIVE and join creator and host Elizabeth Day for an uplifting, hilarious, moving and unforgettable evening. Elizabeth and her very special guest will peel back the layers of pressure and perfectionism and empower us to embrace our flaws. You will learn how to turn setbacks into success, how to make vulnerability your superpower and how even the worst failures will, in time, teach you something meaningful. If you’re a regular How to Fail listener, or someone who just wants to feel better about life, THIS is the evening you’ve been waiting for. Every event will see Elizabeth in conversation with a different How To Fail guest, discussing their three failures. And, of course, Elizabeth will share her own personal journey of redefining failure in a world obsessed with success. From fitting in at school, to navigating the emotional terrain of fertility treatment, miscarriages and divorce, she explores failure as a portal to discovery of one's true strength and resilience. Whether you’re grappling with you own failures or seeking inspiration, the evening promises to ignite a spark of self-discovery and self-acceptance within us all. Plus, get the chance to ask your own questions: is ‘success’ a myth? How can we turn crisis into clarity? How to cope with heartbreak? And does it really matter if you were always picked last for your school sports team? With Elizabeth at the helm, learning how to fail might be the most successful thing you’ll ever do. “If we are able, as much as possible, to remove both fear and ego when we encounter crisis, we will see failure more clearly for what it is: not as something that defines us, but as a missing piece of knowledge that helps us come closer to completing the jigsaw puzzle of who we truly are.” Elizabeth Day We're proud to announce that this tour is presented by Hayu.

Age: 14+ at parents' discretion.

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Tue 25 Mar 2025



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Tue 25 Mar 2025
£30 - £60.50 per ticket