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Thu 27 Mar 2025

An Audience With Mark And Lard

The 24th March 2004 saw the world heritage radio site of the ‘Mark and Lard Show’ come to an end with a resounding: ‘STOP…!’ Now fully twenty years later we can finally complete that catchphrase with an equally resounding: ‘…CARRY ON!’ Like the day Neil Armstrong stepped on to the moon (if you were born then, if not, skip this bit) or when Alan Bradley got run over by a Blackpool tram on Coronation Street (ditto) – everybody can remember where they were on that fateful day in Radio 1 history. Listening to the radio. Obviously. Now, following high level negotiations after a chance meeting between Fat Harry White and Scoff Cruddle at a Bedford Rascal Enthusiasts rally, Mark and Marc have been coaxed back to wrestle once again on the sheepskin rug of light entertainment. The ordeal will begin at 7.30pm assuming everyone gets their act together.

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Thu 27 Mar 2025



New Theatre


Thu 27 Mar 2025
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