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Mon 19 May 2025

The Waterboys

“The Waterboys live for the experience of playing, of feeling our music evolve and grow with each consecutive concert. Nothing makes us happier than seeing a long list of dates like these. How will the music change? What will happen that's never happened before? How much fun and thrills can we and the audiences have? Come and join us!” – Mike Scott.

The Waterboys have been led by Scottish singer and guitarist Mike Scott since the 1980s and have evolved through countless line-ups, winning a fearsome concert reputation along the way. Their best-known songs include The Whole Of The Moon, How Long Will I Love You, This Is The Sea and Fisherman's Blues. Indisputably one of the best live bands in the world, the 2024 version of The Waterboys features double keyboard players Brother Paul from Memphis and James Hallawell from Cornwall, and is grounded by killer Irish rhythm section Aongus Ralston (bass) and Eamon Ferris (drums). They reconfigure music from all stages of the band's career, from the early "big music" and the roots-inspired Fisherman's Blues era, to the run of genre-fluid records that have poured out since 2015's swaggering Modern Blues, taking in soul, funk, country-rock and any other kinds of music they care to play. Expect drama, improvisation, musical fireworks and Waterboys classics.

Age restriction: 14+, under 18s must be accompanied by an adult 7pm is Doors Open time - actual start time still TBC

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Mon 19 May 2025



New Theatre


Mon 19 May 2025
£53.50 - £60.50 per ticket