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Sat 6 Apr 2024

Mike Bubbins - Throwback

Mike Bubbins, star of hit podcast The Socially Distant Sports Bar, and of BBC television comedies Mammoth, Tourist Trap and The Unexplainers is performing his Throwback tour show FOR ONE FINAL TIME....but Throwback Extra will be bigger and better!

Based on last year’s sold out* tour, it will feature lots of brand new material, and will be a visual extravaganza. This is not only to ensure a brilliant night of comedy, but also because Mike will be filming this performance, as he completely forgot to record any of the previous shows. 

Throwback is an hour and a half of funny stories, impressive characterisations, possibly a song (he said he’ll see how that goes), a bit of the good old days, a bit of the good new days, and Mike generally having a laugh about life and not taking himself, or anything else, too seriously. (Having said that, he may, at some point in the show, get very annoyed at various berks, whether in the past, the present, or the future.)

So basically Throwback is a comedy show about Bubbins sharing, and bringing to life, the stuff that he finds funny. As comedy concepts go, it’s pretty straightforward, to be honest.  

*Swindon was very poorly attended. 



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Sat 6 Apr 2024



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Sat 6 Apr 2024
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