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Mon 4 Mar 2024

Alice Roberts

After a sell-out run in Spring 2022, Professor Alice Roberts is returning in Spring 2024 to launch her new book, Crypt. This final instalment of her highly-acclaimed trilogy explores the experience of life, death and disease in the Middle Ages and beyond. Alice looks at the archaeological evidence for terrible brutality directed at an ethnic minority in medieval England, she explores the impact of incurable epidemics sweeping through Europe and looks at how modern science is unlocking secrets from the watery grave of the Mary Rose shipwreck. She also reveals how archaeogenetic research is uncovering cryptic clues and shedding new light on diseases such as leprosy, syphilis and the plague. Professor Alice Roberts’ charismatic and engaging style has captivated audiences from all backgrounds for over two decades. Don't miss this unique opportunity to join her for a fascinating evening, learn more about her latest book and even bag yourself a signed copy!

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Mon 4 Mar 2024



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Mon 4 Mar 2024
£26.75 - £29.75 per ticket