Creative Learning Activities FAQs

What time do I need to arrive for my workshop? Where do I pick my child up at the end of their session?

Please arrive at the Welcome Desk 15 minutes prior to your workshop start time for sign-in. Pick-up will be the time confirmed in any email correspondence. Please pick your child up where you dropped them off – the G Live Welcome Desk at the front of the building. How do I find G Live?

All access and travel information can be located on our website here. When you arrive at the venue, please access the building via the main doors which are located at the front of the building on London Rd. Where do I park?

If you are travelling by car and need to park, you can find a list of local carparks on our website here. Do I need to stay with my child for the duration of the workshop?

No, you do not need to stay with your child. They will be looked after/managed by the G Live Creative Team and workshop facilitator. They will also be minded during their breaks. When you drop your child off, you can choose to stay until the workshop start time or say goodbye and leave them in the G Live Café where the Creative Learning team will be on hand to answer any questions. We will then take your child to the designated space, ready to start their session. Can my child bring their own food and drink to the venue?

Yes. We recommend your child brings their own food and drink, which they will have in the café during their lunch break which typically lasts 45 minutes. Children aged 11+ can leave the venue at lunchtime and purchase food from convenience stores, but takeaway food will not be permitted. Can my child purchase food from the G Live Café?

Yes, but we would recommend they bring their own food if possible. Café is used by the general public, and we cannot guarantee a wait time, which could interfere with the workshop restarting the break.

Does the venue have lift access?

Yes. All participants requiring a lift will be able to use one to all areas they need to access. What if my child loses something at the venue?

We encourage all children to leave any valuable items at home. G Live are not responsible for any theft/loss/damage of any items.

If anything is lost by the child, then we do have a lost property box, which can be located at Stage Door. You can contact Stage Door at [email protected] or alternatively you are welcome to come into the theatre during our opening times and enquire at the Welcome desk about any missing items. What if I am running late picking my child up?

If you are running late do not worry, please call Stage Door on 01483739040 and they will pass the message on to the Creative Learning team. If your child has a phone, then you are obviously welcome to contact them that way and they can then pass on the message. We will wait with your child until they are collected. Can my child be collected by someone else?

Yes. As long as we have written consent from their main carer with details of the person collecting, that is fine. My child has a medical condition/allergy – how will this be managed?

Two weeks before the workshop starts, the Creative Learning team will be in touch with you to collate all medical information for all participants. This information is secure and confidential and can only be accessed by the Creative Learning team. If required, we will communicate medical information to the workshop leader. We are always happy to answer any questions over the phone and you can contact us on 01483 739065. How do I hear more about upcoming Creative Learning events and workshops?

All of our upcoming classes and workshops can be located here on our website here.