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Sun 1 Sep 2024

Red Richardson

Bugatti Live

Red Richardson is one of the most exciting new stand up comedians in The UK.

His online ‘Stay Toxic’ sketches have garnered over 30 million views at the time of writing (12.38 pm on 08/11/23). Join him on his first ever UK tour for a hilarious hour of stand up comedy where at the time of writing (12.46 pm on 08/11/23) he will cover topics as wide ranging as Saudi Arabia, Drugs, Armitage and Shanks, Mullets, Dictators and the benefits of Drinking alone.  

As seen on Ricky Gervais and Friends (Live) and The Stand Up Sketch Show (ITV2) and The Red Richardson Special (You Tube)

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Sun 1 Sep 2024



Churchill Theatre Churchill Studio



"Utterly brilliant, honest, ridiculous, engaging, hilarious. Red is the best type of one off., original. He is a master"

- Harry Enfield

“Red will find his audience and in turn they will become slavishly devoted” ****

- Chortle
Sun 1 Sep 2024
£18 per ticket