Open to Everyone


Our house is open... to everyone! Churchill Theatre is proud to offer captioned, audio-described, and relaxed performances on selected productions.

Captioned performances

Similar to television subtitles, captions display the actors’ words, as well as sound effects and off-stage noises, at the same time as they are spoken or sung. The captions are displayed on display units next to the stage.

Audio described performances

Audio-described performances provide a live verbal commentary on the visual elements of a production through headsets. These headsets can be found at the Box Office and can be collected before the performance. If you are a companion or do not need an audio description yourself, your performance will not be affected by the audio description as the commentary is only accessible through the headsets.

Relaxed performances

Performances are adapted in a number of ways to reduce anxiety and create a supportive atmosphere, including adjusting lights and sound levels on performances, providing a 'chill out' space, and demonstrating an embracing attitude towards audience noise and movement in the auditorium.

terpreted Performance

An interpreter will stand in a visible position and interpret the spoken and heard elements of a performance. A seat space can be made available for the use of guide/assistance dogs.

Accessibility within the building

General information

  • All staircases around the venue and in the auditorium have handrails on both sides and are highlighted.

  • There is level access from the pedestrianised High Street and Churchill Way to the box office, the Circle Foyer and the Circle itself, and from Tetty Way to Stalls row F.

  • Please note that our Lounge does not have step-free access and can only be accessed by a flight of 10 steps. Once in the Lounge, there is step-free access to the toilets and bar.

  • A member of staff will be happy to bring drinks to your seats during the interval if requested.

Stalls and circle

There is a lift available from the Terrace to the Stalls, level with row F, please ask a member of staff to escort you. There is 1 shallow, wide step per row in the stalls.

There is step-free access from the Circle Foyer to the back row of the Circle (Row HH). here is an access lifting platform from the Circle Foyer to the Terrace. There are 4 deep steps per row in the circle (excluding row HH).


There are 25 steps from the theatre's foyer to the Studio. There are 34 steps from our lift to the Studio. The lift is accessible via Stage Door on Tetty Way. There are 7 steps from The Studio to the nearest toilets.

Wheelchair seating

There are a limited number of wheelchair spaces available in the main auditorium, both in the stalls and circle sections. There are also wheelchair spaces available in the Studio space.

There is a wheelchair space on the end of row F seat 36 in the Stalls suitable for smaller wheelchairs, with a companion seat alongside.

The aisle seats on the end of rows E seat 33 and G seat 40 are suitable for patrons transferring from a wheelchair or requiring easy access.

Wheelchair spaces are available in seats HH 1-5 & HH seat 15 in the circle. companion may be seated in the row in front so as not to restrict the number of spaces available to others but may be admitted for free.

There is wheelchair access to our Studio space via the park, please see the below map for reference. Please ask a member of staff to escort you as the route can be steep in places.

Guide and hearing dogs

Guide, hearing, and other pawsome working dogs are welcome in all parts of the theatre.

Churchill Theatre's visual story

With our visual story, our theatre is always open, even after the curtain has fallen! The visual story is intended to help prepare visitors for a new experience and to make our theatre as accessible as possible. It has been created for audience members attending one of our relaxed performances, but they are suitable for anyone who would benefit from a clear and accessible introduction to our theatre spaces. If you would like a copy of our Visual Story please email our who will happily send you a copy.

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