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Fri 1 - Sun 3 Mar 2024

Lockdown Liaisons

Five Short Stories of Connection in Confinement “Vodka and no Tonic” and other stories from “Lockdown Liaisons” by bestselling writer Shobhaa De explore the fragility of human relationships in a collection of short stories that trace the subtle world of emotions as they shift and are redefined within the four walls of the home. Told from the varying perspectives of both men and women - each story is a unique look at how relationships can break and change under trying circumstances. Ultimately, these are universal stories of love forgotten and rediscovered, of relationships made and broken, of truths exposed and lies challenged, and the transformations that we all underwent during the extraordinary time of the pandemic. The play comprises of 5 stories: ‘Vodka and no Tonic’ - (Performed in English) performed by Ira Dubey ‘A Quest ends’ - (Performed in English) performed by Joy Sengupta ‘A Whiff of Eternity’ - (Performed in English) performed by Ira Dubey ‘Leaving‘ - (Performed in Hindi) performed by Joy Sengupta ‘Lockdown Funeral’ - (Performed in English) performed by Lillete Dubey Age restriction: 12+

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Fri 1 - Sun 3 Mar 2024

7.30pm, 2.30pm


Beck Theatre



The words, emotions and brilliant performances of the play elevate the production to a tribute

- Mumbai Theatre Guide

Flawless performances .. that left the audience in awe… Hyderabad gives ‘Lockdown Liaisons’ a standing ovation!

- Hyderabad Times
Fri 1 - Sun 3 Mar 2024
£28 per ticket