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Wed 11 Sep - Wed 9 Oct 2024

Islamic Geometry Drawing Class

During the class, you will gain a fuller understanding of one family of Islamic Geometric Patterns. This family of patterns can be described as eightfold because of the symmetrical properties of these patterns and their shapes. They can be found across the Islamic Lands in architecture and manuscripts from different periods & locations since the 8th century AD. We will reference examples from history as we work through the patterns, their chronology and increasing complexity.

The focus will be on drawing geometric patterns in pencil or pen. We use the same tools as the countless artisans and geometers who first created these patterns. The compass & straight edge enable us to transform a blank piece of paper into layers of lines and circles. From these usually hidden underlying grids we can discover many sixfold Islamic Geometric Patterns. All patterns will be accompanied by PDF guides emailed to participants in advance of the course, so they may view on a device/phone during the course or printed out.

The following will be provided:

  • Smooth A3 & A4 drawing paper

  • Tracing paper & masking tape

  • Compass, Ruler, 2H, H, 2B pencils, erasers & sharpeners

  • Colouring pencils & fine liner pens

  • Black pigment markers

Feel free to bring your own materials & resources.

Beginners are most welcome, no previous knowledge is needed.

Meet Samira Mian: Artist, Educator, and Islamic Geometry Enthusiast

Samira Mian is an accomplished artist and educator with a deep passion for Islamic Geometry. With 12 years of experience teaching Mathematics at secondary school level, Samira has masterfully integrated her expertise in education with her love for the intricate compass and straight edge constructions of Islamic Geometric Patterns. Since September 2015, she has been dedicated to sharing this unique art form across the UK, internationally, and through online platforms. Samira finds immense satisfaction in every aspect of her work, from the analysis and construction of patterns to painting them with watercolours and gouache. Above all, she is driven by a desire to share this beautiful and precise art form with a broader audience, inspiring others and bringing the elegance of Islamic Geometry to the forefront.

Age Restriction: 16+

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Wed 11 Sep - Wed 9 Oct 2024



Beck Theatre Beck Theatre Foyer


Wed 11 Sep - Wed 9 Oct 2024
£20 per ticket