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Mon 8 Jan 2024

Film: A Star is Born (U) (Dementia Friendly)

Academy Award winner Judy Garland stars as a young nightclub singer who becomes a star but loses the man she loves—who will not allow himself to hinder her rise to fame once A Star is Born. The career of talented nightclub singer Esther Blodgett (Garland—The Wizard of Oz) is launched by movie star Norman Maine (James Mason), who also wins the young singer’s heart. Esther becomes leading lady Vicki Lester and Mrs. Norman Maine, but as Maine’s career flounders, he sinks into an abyss of alcoholism. Esther chooses to sacrifice her stardom to care for her husband, but he will not allow Esther to abandon her dreams for him. Features Judy Garland singing The Man that Got Away. Nominated for six Academy Awards including Best Actress (Judy Garland), Best Actor (James Mason) and Best Song (“The Man that Got Away”). Based on the classic 1937 film. Starring Judy Garland, James Mason, Jack Carson Cinemas can provide a powerful way to reconnect with memories and others, yet aren’t always accessible to people with dementia. We are pleased to present regular dementia friendly film screenings in a safe and relaxed environment. Your ticket includes post-film tea and biscuits.

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Mon 8 Jan 2024



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Mon 8 Jan 2024
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